WeWillRizeTogether - Haile Selassie Library Report

WeWillRizeTogether has been active since late 2017 engaging in talks with the diverse memberships of the respective communities in Akosombo, Ghana and Payneland in Kingston Jamaica to identify the project requirements & priorities. Once the problems were identified in the respective areas an inclusive plan of action was drawn up, agreed in and put into action that called for the building of a brand-new secondary school in Akosombo where there currently is not one and the incremental refurbishment of the under supported, underfunded and under resourced Haile Selassie High School in Payneland Kingston.

The end goal for both sites are still much further down the line as there is a lot of work to do and despite the monumental undertaking of such a task, already in such a short amount of time the project has begun to positively impact and enrich the local and wider communities.

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WeWillRizeTogether - Haile Selassie Library Receipts

With the help of our donors we received a total budget of £37,342.29/$47,424.70. iHeartAfrica through the support of FruitsNRootz and worldwide donations contributed an additional £11,077.55/$14,068.50 which was used to purchase the interactive whiteboard including its shipping, a collection of over 1500 library books, operational costs such as vehicular rentals, accommodation and unforeseen administrative costs along the way.

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