Rebuilding Ngaba Hospital

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I Heart Africa would like to thank everyone who supported towards helping rebuild the Meteba Medical Center in Ngaba.

The money we raised helped renovate, improve and provide basic supplies for the Meteba medical centre in Ngaba.  When we first visited there were was enough medicine, equipment or staff. They only have 8 beds, 5 on one ward and 3 in the maternity unit. The conditions were horrendous, equipment was out-dated and it is was extremely unhygienic.

Thank you for your donation, it really means a lot and is a great opportunity to do a good thing for people who deserve a better life. This foundation is really important, because life is about spreading positivity and service. As our foundation grows we will expand our coverage and help many more people in other parts of the Motherland. Check out the before and after pictures below!

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We’re extremely appreciative and thankful for every donation, your support helps us to continue the work supporting grassroot communities. It’s our responsibility as per our duty of care to the beneficiaries to ensure we are operating legally and in accordance with all of the Charity Acts. We ask that you understand that donating you’re confirming that your intended donation:

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