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The additional money raised for the Meteba Medical Centre was used to help the Masika Centre, an orphanage and therapy centre for victims of sexual violence based in south Kivu. The staff are severely under-resourced, under-funded, and under supported. After seeing the conditions in which the community volunteers were dealing with we began entering discussions about what we can do to help.


With part of the remaining money iHeartAfrica purchased 6 acres of land in Maluku, about 2 hours from Kinshasa with the end goal of building a sustainable eco-village that empowers the entire surrounding greater community. It takes a village to raise a child, when the orphaned children grow up they will inherit the land and the village. This is what we are going to do: 

  • Build an orphanage to support 150 children.
  • Establish educational institutes based on Enterprise, Agriculture, Science Entrepreneurship, Trade and Creation.
  • Stimulate self-sufficiency in the community from small home, to big scale agricultural activities
  • Manufacturing products for export but also local/national consumption
  • Create a library, Computer training, Internet services
  • Construct recreation and business centre
  • Run a youth and adult learning centre
  • Run a Nursery, primary school and secondary school
  • Build a youth sport centre and to run sport activities
  • Information centre i.e. cultural heritage and tourist promotion services and marketing rural

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Patrice Lumumba Eco-Village

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