In March 2017, just 6 years after the drought that claimed a ¼ of a million peoples lives, another critical level famine alert was raised in Somalia that severely affected as much as 6.2 million nearly 50% of the population. With very little international aid, we stepped in to help and assist. iHeartAfrica teamed up with Colin Kaepernick, Jerome Jarre Turkish Airlines and the Ben Stiller Foundation, to raise nearly 3 Million USD for the implementation of an emergency aid program.

Over the course of several months throughout 2017, the team worked tirelessly. We recruited the help needed to procure family sized food and water parcels. This helped combat malnutrition, starvation and dehydration. The parcels included flour, rice, dates, cow peas, sugar, maize and powdered milk. Most of which were sourced locally if possible.

The project was officially completed in December 2017. We used the remainder of the raised funding to establish a sustainable irrigation program in Jubbaland. The project is one of the largest sustainable agricultural projects in the area, completed in the last decade. This has the potential to provide over 300,000 people with food all year round.

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