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At I Heart Africa we believe in empowerment.

We recognise the importance of developing the untapped potential dormant in every child. We pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs of each child, as well as being able to see the bigger picture. This extends to being familiar with how the child ties into the fabric of their local community. We spend quality time with the communities that we work with, in order to truly know them and work with them to derive an effective solution to the challenges they face.

The streams that we focus on are namely: Education, Health and Well-being.

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When you donate to iHeartAfrica, your donation will support one or more of our active causes and will be allocated accordingly. You can decide whether you want to support our causes continually by donating on a monthly basis or supporting our causes by contributing a one time donation.

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We’re extremely appreciative and thankful for every donation, your support helps us to continue the work supporting grassroot communities. It’s our responsibility as per our duty of care to the beneficiaries to ensure we are operating legally and in accordance with all of the Charity Acts. We ask that you understand that donating you’re confirming that your intended donation:

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  • Was not in return for any personal services rendered and is non-refundable.
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